netiquette for online events

Online events, the Netiquette you need to know

Good manners (even during an online event) make a difference. Here are some useful tips regarding etiquette on the Net, or Netiquette during online events.

In this period focused on digitization, could Gaya Events & Communication miss the appointment with the Netiquette manual for the perfect digital gentleman?

Absolutely not!

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Eventi virtuali vs eventi in presenza

Virtual events vs physical events: a concentration of opportunities

Virtual events vs face-to-face events. Today you can enjoy the benefits of both for a successful event.

Today, talking about virtual events vs events in presence is completely normal.

But what would have happened if we had only done this a few months ago?

If in 2019 someone had talked about any event we would have immediately thought of a Physical Event,  a moment of public or private sharing in presence. Today the same word leads us (sometimes improperly) to think of virtual platforms such as Zoom, Teams, and remote meetings.

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tour virtuali di musei gaya events

How to “travel” during virtual events: virtual tours of museums and cities

Travelling comfortably from home in these months of restrictions is possible thanks to virtual tours of museums and cities. Here is how to organize them.

Virtual tours of museums and cities offer the opportunity to travel from home, facing these months of restrictions and limitations. The location has always played an essential role in face-to-face events: it was an attracting factor for participants and provided added value to the meeting.

Today, the scenario has changed.

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eventi farmaceutici virtuali

Guide to virtual pharmaceutical events: 3 success factors

Virtual pharmaceutical events are a resource, but they are also a big challenge: here’s how to choose the most suitable format to organize a successful event.


Can successful virtual pharmaceutical events be organized?

Yes. And in the next few lines, we will find out together how to do it.

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foto convention bureau milano gaya events blog

The Convention Bureau: Milan showcase for travel business in Europe

The lever for the restart of tourism in Milan will be the meeting industry with national and international fairs, congresses and conventions. Waiting for the 2026 winter Olympics, here is Convention Bureau Milano.

A few weeks have passed since the Milan Convention Bureau was officially born. More than just a partner for the organization of events in the Lombard capital, a clear example of strength and desire of reborn.

After a period marked by the collapse of tourism and events, Milan reacted with a strong positive sign projecting itself towards a post-Covid future.

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eventi pharma 2021 virtuali

Pharma events and meetings, how professionals reacted to the digitization of conferences

The digitization of meetings and conferences has revolutionized the world of pharma events. How to achieve business goals with online events.

As we are aware Covid is revolutionizing the world we live in. The same has happened for the world of business and pharma events.

The overall scenario changes but the social, economic and working needs are still the same.

How to deal with them?

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cosa è il team building virtuale per aziende

Virtual team building

Discover what virtual team building is, how it works, and why it can be a crucial resource for companies

Virtual Team Building or stream-building was born out of necessity but it will remain by choice. In the next few lines, we will try to understand together why virtual team building will represent a crucial resource for our companies.

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consigli per  organizzare un evento virtuale

How to organize virtual events

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies were forced to organize virtual events and the event managers had to adapt to a new reality. Here are some useful tips.

A few years ago, organizing a virtual event was almost unthinkable for event professionals. First of all, we are leaving the “high mobility age”, where freedom of movement has always been taken for granted. Secondly, as we have seen in other articles, human relationships make the difference for a successful events.

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