consigli per  organizzare un evento virtuale

How to organize virtual events

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies were forced to organize virtual events and the event managers had to adapt to a new reality. Here are some useful tips.

A few years ago, organizing a virtual event was almost unthinkable for event professionals. First of all, we are leaving the “high mobility age”, where freedom of movement has always been taken for granted. Secondly, as we have seen in other articles, human relationships make the difference for a successful events.

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meeting industry e covid-19 eventi aziendali dal vivo

The Meeting Industry and Covid-19: relationships are possible

How can Meeting Industry and Covid-19 coexist? Here is how live business events can respond to the need of security.

The relationship between Meeting Industry and Covid-19 is getting complicated. As a result of the pandemic we are currently going through, the world of events is changing a lot, bringing even the most inexperienced, to juggle into the intricate world of virtual.

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come organizzare riunioni di area periodiche aziendali_copertina

How to organize periodic area meetings

Organizing periodic area meetings involving the sales team is not always easy. What precautions should you take to avoid making mistakes?

We hear more and more often about corporate canvasses, but what are they?

Canvass are company area meetings organized periodically, about 2 or 3 per year. They are aimed only to sales agents, in order to launch new products and show new commercial strategies to get sales increased.

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evento eco sostenibile consigli per organizzazione - gaya events

Organizing an eco-sustainable event

Green ideas and tips for a successful eco-sustainable corporate event.

From conferences to meetings, from gala evenings to events for the launch of new products: the watchword is: the watchword is eco-sustainability.

This topic currently is very discussed. And it is increasingly a source of interest for consumers and businesses that seek, in their small way, to move towards eco-sustainable solutions in any area.

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