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Beeing: The Gayaevents’ gift sweet & sustainable

Supporting responsible beekeeping and protecting bees, is essential for the life on Earth …This is Beeing. To explain what exactly  is Beeing, We need a quick step back. 

Inside the hive, every bee havea specific task, in fact  there is a clear division of labor and a precise assignment of the different roles in order to maintain the well-being of the whole hive.

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regali di natale aziendali nella pandemia covid-19 consigli

Corporate Christmas gifts: ideas for Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 will (unfortunately) remain in history as the first Christmas with the Covid-19 pandemic. We still don’t know exactly what will change, but here are some useful tips for companies …

In this surreal atmosphere, talking about corporate Christmas gifts seems to be difficult. Despite everything, Christmas is the most exciting period of the year. Certainly, the climate we are currently breathing leads us to consider the Christmas holidays as a secondary matter, in spite of the critical situation we are carrying on due to the health emergency in addition to the economic and social crisis.

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