The advent of Covid-19 in 2020 – 2021 has revolutionised the world we live in, the same applies to the world of business and events, specifically pharmaceutical companies and pharma events.

The overall scenario has changed but the social, economic and labour needs have remained the same.

Vemedia decided to open 2021 with a virtual convention that would make its team more involved in order to motivate them to achieve their business objectives even in a difficult period, reward them for their work during the pandemic and interact with them through quizzes, instant polls and gamification.

Gaya Events, has innovated in this period of “non-presence” events by investing in new technological tools such as an APP and a Virtual room, capable of creating new useful connections for pharmaceutical companies with doctors and agents.

The Gaya Events application was completely customised for Vemedia, and used in all organisational aspects such as recruitment, organisational secretariat, streaming management, help desk and management of quizzes and instant polls.

The agents were also involved in a virtual team-building exercise, which took them through the preparation of the most famous cocktails, thanks to a professional bartender and a kit pack with everything needed to become a bartender for a day.