viaggiare nel 2021

The (few) positive notes of this 2020: we look to the future with confidence

2020 was a tough year for everyone, including the tourism sector. But it left us something important to start again. We will return to travel and to dream

On December comes the time to sum up the past year.

We all know that 2020 has been unique and, for many aspects, a year to forget.

But something positive has happened… let’s start from here to look to the future with hope and trust.

The discovery of new and old interests

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have revalued the pleasure of free time, deep moments to discover our soul, develop imagination, finding out problem-solving skills that we were not thinking to have and why not? Take it easy…and just have some relaxing time (or try to get it…).

Smart working and free time

Free time often got thanks to smart-working, which has saved workers the time they previously dedicated to transfers from home to work and which has allowed them to manage their time according to work and family goals.

In Italy many considered Smart-working a taboo or something to avoid due to the idea that working from home can’t be supervised.

But Smart working has now become the norm for many and will remain so thanks to positive feedback from employees, entrepreneurs and scientific studies that emphasize its productive and psychological benefits.

More attention to health (and the environment)

Another positive aspect is the greater attention to health and to the environment.

Unfortunately, the obligation to use disposable safety devices is not helping the planet, but it has made the need to protect it and to convert to a green and sustainable style of life stronger than ever.

Obviously, health is the priority at the moment, but the EU together with other countries are already thinking, once the emergency is over, about drastic but necessary measures with the aim of sustainable development.

The impossibility of being able to do things previously granted has paradoxically allowed us to rediscover the beauty and importance of activities such as an outdoor walk, a dinner at a restaurant or quality time spent with friends and relatives.

Museums, theatres and cinemas turned to digitization, entering our home, thanks to virtual guided tours, web TV broadcasts and streaming platforms so we can follow our favourite opera laying on our comfortable sofa.

The tourism sector: we will return to travel and to dream

The tourism and events sector is still suffering this period, but it has reinvented itself, innovating by focusing on digitization.

The new skills will be brought into the physical events of tomorrow to make them even more unique and innovative.

There is a push to restart, to rebirth and growth. As soon as possible we know that we will return to travel more than before and to meet in physical events because we know that in person it is a whole other thing.

This pandemic has redefined habits, sociability and society, has shocked cities, countries and nations, but it has not undermined the hope for a bright future.

We at Gaya are also ready to bring with us everything positive that this year has left us.