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The corporate Christmas party at the time of Covid-19

Right now, due to the tightening of restrictions, people might think it could not be possible to organize a corporate Christmas party.

Here is October, the first cold is coming together with the special time of the year when everybody starts thinking about Christmas and everything involved such as gifts, dinners, parties, and, why not, even the corporate Christmas party.

Christmas time means union, sharing, and closeness. All these things seem impossible or at least to avoid due to the particular period we are facing, but it is precise because of uncertainties and fears, that this year, more than ever, it will be crucial to show closeness to employees and thank customers who believed in your company.

Corporate Christmas party, let’s organize it in this way!

Gaya Events wants to make you its own “Christmas present” with some useful tips to organize a corporate Christmas party in complete safety, offering some ideas to grant your event great success.

Here are a few steps to start:

First of all let us know your needs: what is your goal? Do you want to convey confidence to your employees, thank your customers, or both?

How many and from where are your guests?

Once you have clarified these fundamental points, it will be possible to define the event that best suits your needs, making it unique for a successful evening!

It will be necessary to create a situation that transmits security to your guests, allowing them to have fun without anxiety, being together, and sharing a peaceful moment.

How to do this with Covid 19?

The best solution is still the virtual event, but it is essential to find a way to create engagement.

Everyone must be motivated to participate, for example by announcing a special present at the end of the evening. Another great idea is to bring the virtual event into a real dimension…How?? Perhaps by having a gift to be delivered to each guest maybe at dinner time! Delivery is a successful option if all participants live in the same area. For guests living far away, there are many other interesting solutions, for example including in your party evening a funny team building.

Gaya is duly updated on the progress of the current situation all over the world checking daily the new regulations for the meeting industry.

In case it will be allowed, the hybrid event could be a valid alternative to the virtual one.

Certainly, the hybrid event has to keep a clear line that manages to mix up both physical and virtual sides of the event, making all guests feel equally important and involved.

The hybrid event must be safe, not only choosing the right location with correct spaces in accordance with sanitary requirements but also planning safe transfers for guests who live far away.

In any case, it will be essential to start organizing the event in advance, to have time enough to create a special atmosphere with interesting ideas and original gifts.

If you liked the article and want to discover our proposals and ideas for your Christmas event, visit our website and contact us. We will be happy to structure the corporate Christmas party that best suits your wishes and interests.