anniversario aziendale

The company anniversary: ​​9 reasons to celebrate an event with thousand possibilities

Do you think the celebration of your company anniversary is useless? Read this article and (maybe) you will change your mind …

You might have the opinion that an event to celebrate the company anniversary is a waste of energy and time and money especially during this period.

What do you think about?

Here are 9 reasons to organize a company anniversary

1. underline the solidity of the company

2. highlight the ability to know how to face difficulties

3. to strengthen relationships with customers

4. strengthen employees’ sense of belonging and thank them

5. relaunch the company’s image

6. communicate the launch of a new product or new strategies

7. be remembered with a gift

8. use the event as a marketing lever

9. be the first!

Reaching the milestone of an anniversary, especially if you celebrate 10, 20, or more years of activity, is something to be shown as a guarantee of solidity for the experience acquired, the knowledge of your commercial field, the ability demonstrated over the years to adapt your company with the evolution of the market and the challenges faced.

We are aware that talking about success in this period is quite hard. There are many companies that have seen their turnover drop significantly, others that cannot work due to the blocks to contain the pandemic.

But…celebrating the company anniversary could be an opportunity to emphasize that your company is still “alive” despite the difficulties of the period!

Therefore you could use the event to communicate to your customers the new sales strategies (perhaps you have gone from direct in-store sales to e-commerce) or service (delivery rather than on-site).

You do not have to get worried about the budget!

A corporate anniversary can be organized to meet every need, especially with digital events where you can choose from live streaming to recording, from the use of customized applications to common platforms (Zoom, Meet ..).

Another option could be a “phigital” with a few people physically in a studio (usually company staff or relators), and all guests connected from all over the world so that you can reach all your customers without geographical limits.

Everything will be branded with graphics designed specifically for the event.

Using this moment of apparent calm to virtually celebrate your company anniversary could really be the winning idea!

Whatever form it takes, the opening of the event must have its theme relating to the past, present, and future successes, always emphasizing the importance of its customers, its team, and its collaborators. Preparing a good speech that tells the fantastic adventure of your company is a must.

Two are the main protagonists of your celebration: your customers that have to be involved in the event, underlining the importance they had for your company, perhaps by projecting slides that refer to the projects developed for and with them.

And your employees: your team! A winning team means efficiency and represents a guarantee of safety to the customer’s eye. Companies are not just capital, structures, products but they live on people, their experience, know-how, ability to solve problems.

Despite your perplexities, I’m sure you are now thinking that this could really be the best time to relaunch the image of your company!

As we all know, not always everything goes the right way and difficulties are part of the path of every activity

Launch a new product during the company anniversary? Why not…

Here it is a great occasion when the anniversary becomes a great event to relaunch your brand, it remind employees they are part of a solid group, they will feel duly motivated to work together for the success of the company. The company anniversary can tell a story that reveals the new challenges, the new goals to be achieved, the innovations that are in place, instilling confidence and showing prospects of success, perhaps even with a new product.

What better occasion than the company anniversary to check if the new product is finding favor with your customers?

Organizing the presentation of the new product carefully can be to the right goal for the market of the company and not a party to celebrate its brand.

The right gift for the participants

It will be essential to be remembered with a gift: not an easy choice. So let’s try to make the identikit of a perfect gift …

It will have to be useful but nice, durable but at the same time fashionable.

You can choose from green gifts to more commercial or technological ones, depending on what the company intends to communicate with the celebration of its anniversary.

Our suggestion is to use the social networks, blog, or website to load the mainframes of the events so to be to leave a sign for the future of this celebration.

If duly organized, thanks to the help of professionals in the events sector, the anniversary will certainly become an excellent marketing lever!

Have we convinced you? Call us now to organize your unforgettable 2021 corporate event in Italy!