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Prologis Annual Convention: a project signed by GAYA Events

Real estate convention of the Prologis Group. From planning to the economy of the event, the work of Gaya Events

The real estate convention is an important challenge for those who, like us at Gaya, deal with event organization. And everything becomes even more important when the client is of the caliber of Prologis: a leading company in the industrial real estate sector worldwide for over 30 years, with a dense network of partners and local communities, naturally also present in Italy.

Every year the company organizes its annual convention, choosing the most fruitful area as destination and with the greatest investment prospects.

This year the choice fell on our country and we were very happy to be able to support the company’s marketing team in organizing this event which involved about fifty people.

Prologis real estate convention: the planning of the event

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The planning of an event or, as we call it among insiders, the project management, is always the most important phase in the organization of a real estate convention.

Indeed, it is at this stage that ideas begin to take shape and are transformed into a real project, with the assessment of needs and risks, with the development of a business plan and with the drafting of the budget.

Also in this step there is chance to make U-turns without major consequences, as happened, for example, with the choice of location: initially conceived and imagined in Milano, the event then instead took place, successfully, in Bologna!

The city of Bologna became a welcoming theater for the two-day event, last June 13 and 14, which took place between the selected hotel – I Portici -, the Interport and Palazzo Gnudi, a very elegant location in the center of Bologna chose for the gala dinner.

During the planning stage, Gaya’s staff, specifically with Serena Tagliabue, also took care of all the other organizational components of the convention, in addition to the choice of the most suitable location that best responded to the needs and wishes of the company: the preparation, social activities, the gala dinner, travel and – of course – hospitality and accommodation at the hotel.

Let’s see them together.

Services: set up, cooking class and gala dinner

For the customer we have imagined and designed together with our suppliers a somewhat particular set-up that would satisfy multiple needs, from practical to more stylistic ones.

First of all, we set up the meeting room “in cabaret”, with round tables and five seats for each table; the room also had the required characteristics, such as natural light and adequate size to accommodate the seats and the stage.

For the occasion we rented a platform with podium, both personalized with the coordinated image of the event; on the stage instead of the classic speakers’ table, armchairs and low tables were arranged for those who followed one another in the presentation. A bouquet of fresh flowers on stage completed an elegant and welcoming setting.

The gala dinner organized in the splendid setting of Palazzo Gnudi respected the same stylistic standards: elegance, warmth, refinement, attention to detail.

Even the organization of the activity has met with great success among the guests!

Our agency, in addition to being an event agency, has also been a travel agency since 2004: for this reason we always have a closer look at the location we select for an event. When possible, in fact, the Gaya team organizes corporate events with activities related to the selected area.

Especially if we talk about Emilia Romagna and culinary tradition!

The guests were able to enjoy themselves, thanks to the guidance and accompaniment of the staff of I Portici, with a cooking lesson on the classic excellence of Romagna cuisine: tortellini.

The organization of a social activity within the planning of an event allows the company to create a looser and more informal atmosphere, thus favouring communication with customers and a jovial atmosphere in which to make agreements and consolidate relationships: that’s why it’s so important that everything runs smoothly.

And this is why the supervision of all activities by a project manager is also very important, in the specific case of our senior event manager Serena who accompanied the group from planning to the event, making herself available on site for any eventuality.

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The economical aspect of the event

Another element of fundamental importance to consider in organizing an event is the management of the budget and payments.

In fact, the values ​​of our agency are above all transparency and concreteness: in a world of “wow effects”, in fact, we not only know how to create events of great emotional impact, but we plan, organize and manage events that aim to have the best possible impact and economic return for the companies we follow.

Our approach is creative, but also technical and consolidated by our long experience in the Events and Tourism sector. Enthusiasm, in short, as well as the most unusual ideas, always go through the scrutiny of the actual feasibility check, allowing our customers not to have any nasty surprises.

We drafted a business plan for Prologis that always took into consideration and monitored the available budget, distributing economic resources in a strategic way to allow the company to take advantage of the best advantages available.

What our customers appreciate about us is also the flexibility and the study and creation of tailor-made services based on specific needs: in this case, for example, it was necessary to create, together with our partners, a digital platform to allow all guests to book their own room independently.

Technology is always at the service of our physical events to improve organizational efficiency: for this reason we always recommend, for groups of 50 people and up, the use of our native app which can be configured with the coordinated image of the event and who accompanies guests with all possible information and with a help desk that is always active for any doubts or complications.

Feedback and debrief 

Last but not least, the closing phase of the real estate convention. When everything is over and the guests have gone home, it is a moment of reflection for us that we share with the client around the event.

In this step, the organization processes are analyzed and we discuss what went well and what, on the other hand, did not work well or could have been managed better.

We are very keen on this last part of the event because ours is a constantly evolving sector and it is important to understand if we are moving in the right direction, bringing the right amount of innovation and creativity, to always keep the standard of the services we provide high.

This is also why we are committed to choosing suppliers who are never just people we happen to work with, but real partners who, like us, care about the perfect success of the event.

Some sincere thanks

We therefore thank our suppliers and our supportive network of partners consolidated over time and successfully carried forward.

We also and above all thank Prologis, a serious and professional company and in particular we would like to give special thanks to the project manager Rosalbina Anchante who collaborated with our staff, establishing an excellent feeling, necessary for the excellent success of the project.

Finally, this is a work of People who take care of the wishes of other People: having projects at heart means taking care of the customer. It may seem obvious but really, for all our staff, the smile and joy of our customers is always the greatest satisfaction.

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