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Post-Covid events: the importance of medium-long term planning

The management of post-Covid events is essential for the definitive recovery of the meeting industry. How and why programming can make a difference

The management of post-Covid events is essential for the definitive recovery of the meeting industry. How and why programming can make a difference

After two years of suffering, the travel and congress sector see 2022 as a new beginning. The normalization of the epidemiologic situation and the slackening of the regulation relating to the containment of Covid are notes of hope for the MICE sector.

The high rate of vaccinated people, numbers of positives and hospitalized patients under control, and the Government’s proposal not to renew the state of emergency expiring on March 31st are signs of an improvement in the epidemiological situation that promises a return to ” normal ” life.

And this also applies to the meeting industry!

The last two years of the MICE sector faced intermittent openings, unclear rules, subject to local ordinances, and daily variations. Furthermore, events are complex systems that include different services, so the meeting industry dealt with the limitations imposed on the other sectors with which it collaborates closely.

The instability of the situation also pushed clients to start organizing the events last minute to minimize the risks of program changes or even cancellations due to travel ordinances..

Medium-long term planning for post covid events

For a sector that bases its work on long-term planning (over months and, for massive events, even years), this has meant completely revolutionizing its way of managing time and resources.

During the pandemic, the meeting industry demonstrated its flexibility in redefining internal work methods and timelines to meet the needs of its customers. Now it is essential to get back to planning.

Let’s find out together the advantages of medium-long term planning!

Good planning is the basis for a successful event. The work plan must include every step, from the concept to the operational elements of the event. Nothing must be left out, and the work plan must be well constructed.

Planning an event: the 5 main advantages

Let’s see some of the advantages of planning an event:

1. The search for suppliers: moving in advance allows you to deepen your search and obtain greater availability, and therefore a wider basin of choice. In addition, this gives time to discuss the terms of contracts and any required services in more detail.

2. The choice of suppliers and services: the customer, moving in advance, has the time to evaluate the suppliers’ offers, and to better define the details of the event and the services to be confirmed.

3. Attention to detail: in addition to the operational implementation of the event, moving in advance allows you to take care of the details and further refine the event.

4. Emergency management: the event organizer foresees what could go wrong, but the unexpected is just around the corner, and good planning is essential to react effectively.

5. Savings: last but not least, making some reservations in advance involves important economic advantages that weigh on the event budget.

Those who organize know that it is necessary to do it well in advance and, as regards events, it is now possible to do it again.

We at Gaya Events have already started planning for the medium and long term. That’s why, if you are thinking of organizing your next corporate event, you can contact us right away! We will be happy to give you all our support …