netiquette for online events

Online events, the Netiquette you need to know

Good manners (even during an online event) make a difference. Here are some useful tips regarding etiquette on the Net, or Netiquette during online events.

In this period focused on digitization, could Gaya Events & Communication miss the appointment with the Netiquette manual for the perfect digital gentleman?

Absolutely not!

Read and have fun with us without getting anxious at all!

Here are the 5 rules you should never forget to become the king of good manners for your digital appointments: corporate events, webinars, conferences, video conferences or meetings with colleagues.

To make an event a good event, it is essential to respect the etiquette of the internet, or the so-called netiquette, a neologism that combines the English word network (network) with the French word étiquette (good education).

Punctuality and control of the applications downloads for the virtual event

As at your first dinner with the woman of yourdream, the punctuality is essential even for a virtual event. It shows responsibility and respect.

It is also important to have all the tools working, the application downloaded correctly and possibly 100% battery charged for all devices.

In short, loaded and ready to go!

If you are a speaker it will be important to check the connection at least one day before the event through a setting test.

“The suit does not make the man”

This saying is now out of date. In 2021, style makes the difference.

So it is important that you show up at the virtual event, after brushing your teeth: residues of your favorite croissant between a canine and an incisor or eggs stains on the tip of the nose would not give a good image of your personality.

Comb your hair, and finally get dressed.

Possibly in line with the type of event (formal or informal), but above all: completely.

It sounds ridiculous, but there are still people who forget they also have two legs to cover! 

Irish MEP Luke Flanagan was an example of this, what do you think?

Background or art gallery?

You feel the desire to use your background as a gallery of your artwork, try to stay professional.

Especially if you are a speaker. Creating the right professional setting is important to avoid distractions.

It would be like inviting your “sweet honey”  for dinner in a restaurant with paper walls of Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Are you so sure she still looking at you?

With respect to the virtual community participating at the event, try to endure attacks of hunger and thirst that could distract, or even worse be the envy of every participant who would like to share water and food with you.

Every question has its reply 

You know, asking is lawful and answering is courtesy, but don’t take advantage of it.

In compliance with good digital manners, try to ask questions relevant to the topics of the event and if they really don’t come to you, just close the microphone.

If you are a speaker, choose a mediator who is well prepared on the topics to be discussed, possibly a very nice person.

Filtering the most appropriate questions will avoid inappropriate situations saving you from embarrassing answers.

 Enjoy the happy end of the event

Would you leave a restaurant without dessert or coffee?

The same is for your virtual event. Try your best to attend till closing without leaving it first.

The ending is always important and often the organizers of virtual events reserve the prizes of quizzes, famous testimonials or original information for the final.

If you are a speaker, often remind participants to stay until the end to enjoy the end full of surprises.

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