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MICE tourism, business trip to Bari

Suggestions for a business trip to Bari…

Are you ready to discover awesome and hidden places in the capital of Puglia for a corporate trip? Why not … In the last few years, Puglia has been experiencing a period of strong growth in the business sector thanks to the tourism. The “heel of Italy” is one of the most popular destinations in the south of our country and if you come to Puglia, you cannot forget about Bari, its capital.

Discovering Bari

If Salento and Gargano coasts, are the main attractions for tourists, Bari is a real jewel of the Adriatic Sea to be discovered.

Bari will fascinate you between its old center and the new city along the cost on either side.

The Porto Nuovo is a busy center for sea trade with the Balkans and the Middle East.

Since 1930 the annual appointment with the exhibition of “Fiera del Levante” brings businessmen from all over the world.

Due to its geographical position and history, in this city Occident and Middle East coexist creating a very interesting cultural center.

These are just a couple of reasons to organize a mice event in Bari, let’s discover the rest….


Corporate trip to Bari: the new business destination

The building growth of Bari, divided between the old and the new city, well shows the past and the present. This is one of the southern regions which has experienced the greatest transformations over the past century.

In this context Bari has achieved a great importance in the tourist field linked to Mice so that today the Apulian capital is undoubtedly one the favorite destinations of southern Italy for the organization of events and conferences (especially in the medical-scientific field) or simple business trips.


Buy MICE 2019

As evidence of the space gained by this city, we can mention the 1st edition of “Buy Mice 2019” held last October. A workshop with 220 buyers and 56 exhibitors from all over Italy, meeting by the the most important exhibition center of the city, “Fiera del Levante”. With its 300.000sm., it is one of the biggest expo center in the Mezzogiorno, in terms of total space, versatile settings and capable of satisfying every exhibition requirement.

This cultural and trade center, contains also THE HUB (coworking space), THE APULI FOUNDATION FILM COMMISSION and EATILAY.

In addition to this, Bari has a very wide offer with its university, publishing houses, museums and theaters.

Certainly what has guaranteed the growth of this destination in the MICE sector has been the development of hospitality facilities (over 60 hotels for a total of 344 meeting rooms on Bari and the province), together with transports and infrastructures which services have been duty improved and increased to satisfy the business trade around the city.

Business travel: connections to Bari

The city is easily accessible thanks to the good functionality of the Bari-Palese Karol Wojtyla airport to the main Italian and European airports, in addition to the railway Frecciargento and Frecciarossa which connects in a few hours to Milan and Rome (less 4 hours).

Yu can reach Bari by car along A14 and A16 motorways connecting the city to Bologna, Naples or Taranto.

Further to the accessibility of this destination, we have to mention its beauty as well.

Relax and culture discovering the old city

It will be really pleasant having a break after a working day walking through the streets beyond the walls to discover the old city. Or just relaxing in front of the seaside having a walk, or spending your after dinner at Petruzzelli Theater, the center of Bari’s culture with its wide choice of operas and ballets.

Among the points of greatest interest we have to mention the Basilica of San Nicola, where it will be interesting to see how the Christian and Orthodox religions can coexist, the Castle of San Svevo between the old and new side like a guardian of the city, Piazza Mercantile, Piazza del Ferrarese and the Murat district.

So…the past and present mix continuously in this city with its popular, religious and folkloristic events.

A visit to the Bari underground cannot missing up, if you are an enthusiast of arts and archeology: a suggestive “journey” to discover the subsoil and the deepest roots of this unique city.

Many delights for your taste

Last but not least, choosing this destination to organize an event whether it is a congress or a corporate meeting will also allow you to taste the flavors of this land and be surprised by unique culinary sensations, such as sgagliozze, orecchietteand the fried panzerotto , surrounded by the warmth of the people and the mild climate that will welcome you along all year.

What to say more?

Bari is a perfect destination for a business trip, a special place where duty and pleasure are perfectly combined together to create harmony, leaving to each guest something special to remember.