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How to organize periodic area meetings

Organizing periodic area meetings involving the sales team is not always easy. What precautions should you take to avoid making mistakes?

We hear more and more often about corporate canvasses, but what are they?

Canvass are company area meetings organized periodically, about 2 or 3 per year. They are aimed only to sales agents, in order to launch new products and show new commercial strategies to get sales increased.

A corporate canvas may appear simple, but in reality the organization is very far from easy.

There is a list of difficulties to be considered such as identifying suitable rooms and spaces, finding the right technical equipment, to project videos and slides, managing  the ticket office and transfers of agents, dealing with hospitality, organizing team building and dinners that will complete the meetings.

Business Model Canvas: the perfect solution for managing a corporate event

riunioni di area business canvas gaya events

When we talk about Business Model Canvas, we refer to a specific business strategy aimed at accurately understanding the figures to be involved in the management and organization of periodic area meetings to achieve a common goal. It is very important to identify not only the focuses to be treated during the event and a schedule to present them, as well as …

  • the management of the rooms
  • the preparation of any breaks and lunches
  • transfers of participants who cannot reach the location with their car
  • overnight stays
  • the organization of specific activities

Defining objectives to be achieved, is important, as well as  the study of the effective strategy.

Often, these aspects are underestimated as a company is focused only to their products, strategies and how to present them during the event. Unfortunately, well-made slides and interventions by industry experts are not enough to capture the attention of the participants. What is essential is to create the best possible conditions for each participant to follow the meeting with a proactive spirit.

A professional event manager will certainly avoid the use of public transports due to the fact they could create delays and unpleasant situations. The choice will be for a dedicated transfer duly organized for them properly in accordance with the company requests and budget. If. Participants in this way will arrive relaxed and ready to devote their full attention to the speakers of the event, acknowledging when treated optimally.

This is just one aspect that highlight the importance of a correct organization of corporate canvases, as well as the management of the multimedia equipment necessary during the event, the organization of buffets, lunches, dinners and engaging team building.

Who to rely on for the organization of successful area meetings?

Do you want to create successful periodic area meetings? And above all useful moments to conquer the figures involved? Then it is essential to rely on realities experienced in this area, who know how to work with the budget.

The first thing to do is to understand what are the key points that will be discussed during the event. But also what is the most suitable type of location: identifying the origin of the participants and consequently their transfers, the need for equipment to be used for the projection of slides and the presentation of new strategies and projects. We must deal with refreshments and meals … And finally, study any group and team-building activities that will involve the public.

For years Gaya Events has been dealing with the organization of congress area meetings, meetings, canvas, gala evenings, product launches, team building and incentive travel on behalf of companies operating in different areas, from the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector to the industrial sector.

Organizing area meetings and corporate canvases mean, starting from the analysis of the needs of the individual reality and taking into account every logistical and technical detail, to organize successful events. Meetings during which the corporate image is highlighted and, at the same time, an occasion that must leave all participants satisfied.

This is exactly what we do every day …