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How to build a successful corporate team

How to organize a corporate team building event useful to the customer

Team building is useful for building a winning team. And not only within structured and large companies but also in relatively small realities. In the latter, it is even more important that the few staff members manage to cooperate so that excellent results can be obtained for the company.

Team-building activities could also be extremely useful in bringing out the strengths of the individual members of a group.

How? By highlighting characteristics that could help to define roles more clearly.

This aspect is, in fact, vital if you want the members of a team to organize themselves to achieve specific objectives. Everyone will have to deal with something with seriousness and dedication, going to create a puzzle in which the pieces perfectly match each other.

This last detail could be considered as the primary purpose of team-building activities, followed, as a direct consequence, by a better knowledge among the team members.

Team-building activities and benefits

What are the concrete aspects of corporate life that can benefit from a targeted team building activity?

Over the years, taking into consideration realities that have followed this path, it has been highlighted how the advantages have affected various areas, such as:

  • More effective communication between people
  • Mutual listening
  • Increased trust within the team and between colleagues
  • Greater respect for different opinions and points of view
  • Team integration
  • Improvement of problem-solving skills, but also of facing rapidly changing situations and circumstances
  • Optimized stress management and respect of deadlines
  • Improvement of team spirit, with the consequent overcoming of personal and business crises.

Team-building activities can be of different types, from days or evenings dedicated to a specific activity, passing through incentive trips, or even corporate family days. The important thing is that the event is studied according to a specific goal that the company wants to achieve.

15 successful ideas

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What can be examples of stimulating and above all engaging team-building activities? Here are some ideas!

  1. Team building in the kitchen, fun and above all a must for us Italians, lovers of good food and promoters of the same all over the world!
  2. The escape room, also fashionable in recent years. Puzzles, puzzles and riddles to be solved to achieve a goal in a specific time frame.
  3. Construction of a specific object, going to assemble each part to create a piece of furniture, a bicycle, a robot or any other element following precise instructions.
  4. Stimulate creativity with Lego or artistic works, photography and drawings.
  5. Improvisation theatre, simple and which does not require particular skills, could be useful to free people from mental patterns, making themselves better known by other team members.
  6. Organize a go-kart race to stimulate competition and vent the accumulated stress.
  7. Rafting, this is also one of the most popular activities, perfect for creating team spirit, coordination and ability to work together to achieve a common goal.
  8. Orienteering, like the escape room, represents a challenge in which each member must take care of something becoming an integral and active part of the group.
  9. Days in amusement theme parks, to reduce the level of stress and encourage workers to create a cohesive group, going to know character aspects that rarely emerge during working hours.
  10. An incentive trip in which to insert not only the discovery of a specific destination but to add activities that contribute to making the team cohesive, stimulating mutual knowledge and trust.
  11. One night camping, where everyone will have to play a specific role, to contribute to the success of the event. A clear division of roles as it should be in the workplace.
  12. Yoga, perfect to help reduce stress and find an optimal balance, elements that will contribute to an improvement in working performance.
  13. Laser tags, soft air and similar activities, forming two teams to pursue a common purpose.
  14. Gardening, aimed at creating original and unique compositions, is proven that this activity helps reduce stress, stimulate creativity and create a team spirit.
  15. Realization of a short film or a commercial with a slogan for the launch of a new product.

These are just some examples of possible corporate team-building activities.

In order to choose the most appropriate one, the first step is to fix the goal which has to be achieved through the activity. Only after, the right opportunity could be found together with the proper way to stimulate and maturate specified skills through the staff creating a successful and customized team building.