Green pass e test molecolari: quello che devi sapere per muoverti all’estero

Green pass and molecular tests: what you need to know to move abroad

Moving in Italy and abroad in the summer of 2021 between white zones, green passes and molecular tests is possible. 

With the arrival of white zones and the summer time, has also come the time for reopening to events and movements in Italy and abroad. But with very specific rules.

European Green Pass: how it works

Let’s proceed in order. 

We know that from 1 July the European Green Pass or “Digital EU Covid Certificate” will come into force. What is it about exactly?

Through the European Gateway platform, the digital communication is working through 27 countries of the European Union in terms of health certification.

However the Green Pass will be a right for everyone, the rules of action change by state to state.

Therefore, our advice is to duly inform yourself about the regulatory requests from the foreign country that you intend to visit for a holiday or as a destination to organize an event or a ceremony.

What are the main variable points of the Green Pass?

Number of vaccinations: for some countries the full course is required, for others only the first dose

– Test: in some countries even the hygienic one is sufficient, in others only the molecular one.

– Duration of the test: it can vary from 48 to 72 hours before departure

– The certificate of healing: in general it must certify a healing of less than 180 days from the date of positivity, but even here the days vary according to the internal regulations of each state.

– Control for children: the common European line is indicated at 12 years. However, the internal provisions of the countries vary a lot so always make sure before departure.

Obviously we are talking about transits to and from low-risk areas, therefore safe.

This is because, for states of origin or arrival considered to be at high risk, there are regulations in force to be respected depending on the state that may still include quarantine or molecular swab obligations.

How to get certified?

Anyone who has been vaccinated is entitled to the “green pass”; those who tested negative for a Covid test and those who recovered from the infection and following a negative swab came out of isolation.

How to apply for it in Italy?

The national digital platform is the DGC, Digital Green Certificate.

The certificate can be downloaded from the Immuni App, App Io, from the Health Record (Fse) or from the dedicated website.

The toll-free number 800.91.24.91 is active from 8.00 to 20.00 for any information about it.

For those not used with digital systems, it is possible to request the green pass from general practitioners, pharmacists or other authorized operators.

To check the green passes, a special app is available that will read the «QR code» on the phone or in the printed version.

When do you need it?

If you move within the European Union (follow the regulations of each individual state as indicated above), to reach red or orange areas and to participate in ceremonies and events (this point is still to be finalized)

As explained in our article on safe hybrid events, freedom of movement will surely be determined by how well we are able to comply with the regulations in force.

P.S. Keep following us on our blog, in the next article we will talk about Amsterdam and Bilbao as European Mice destinations for your events.