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Event management between goals, news, and innovation

 Last year for Gaya Events and the event management. 

What happened and why, despite the crisis and pandemic, it was a year to remember for us …

In the last two years, the events management sector has come out of its comfort zone, redefining roles, rules and radically changing the way in which its events are created and communicated.

For us, today more than ever, it becomes extremely important to create a good communication, but where to start?

Making communications more engaging in order to present them in person, considering direct communication on your social channels is essential to highlight the professional profiles of this sector.

All this allows you to increase your brand reputation in order to define the main points for the restart with the aim of organizing conscious and successful events.

Thinking out of the box but not only: our 2021 event management

In the last quarter of 2021, we were the protagonists of numerous successes on the national territory for the creation and management of events.

We quickly retrace the main factors of this success.

To organize a successful event it is necessary to think out of the box, we can no longer imagine creating an event like 2019, the pandemic has speeded up a digitization process already underway, modifying communication and generating new settings.

For this reason, communication has become very important, nothing can be left to chance, and everything must be defined with care and precision, helping the customer in the choice of all the services offered, highlighting the strengths of safety and distancing.

Our tips to manage a business meeting

  • Certainly, the choice of location is essential, check that the spaces are large enough to ensure distancing at all times, from the accreditation at the desk to the Coffee Break
  • Organize divided coffee break if you work simultaneously on several meeting rooms in order not to create aggregation
  • Choose well-ventilated environments, meeting rooms with natural light, and make sure that the employees provide for the sanitization of the spaces several times a day with certified devices.

From annual conventions to participation with delegations in medical-scientific congresses, 2021 was a year full of challenges. Rome and Florence were the protagonist cities of our last events of 2021. Two very different cities, two of the most important conference destinations in Italy.

With the support of our Gayaeventsapp we are able to provide the necessary information and guarantee high safety standards to all our guests, providing smart and immediate communication at all times.

Our challenge for 2022? Always guarantee high standards and never stop …