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Corporate Christmas gifts: some original and successful ideas

Every year the dilemma that arises is always the same: what a present for your collaborators? Here are several ideas for corporate Christmas gifts

Some still opt for the classic Christmas basket or a simple panettone with a bottle of sparkling wine, others use to offer a corporate dinner. it possible to find unusual Christmas gifts that can satisfy each collaborator or employee?

In this article, we will try to provide some original ideas for successful gifts.

Receiving a gift is always a pleasure, there is no question at all. But sometimes, they are and always the same, easily destined to end up in oblivion, especially for corporate ones. Finding out something truly unique and original could contribute to gain appreciation and success by your collaborators, even more by your customers and suppliers. In this case, the unusual gift would be associated directly with a name therefore will be remembered with extreme pleasure, transforming it into an actual marketing operation.

Business gifts you don’t expect for Christmas

  1. If you do not want to abandon the idea of ​​a gastronomic gift, at least put aside the classic basket containing the usual things that are now obvious. No more pandoro, panettone, bottles of sparkling wine sometimes of dubious quality, cotechino and lentils, but think of something more original. Some examples? A basket with organic and zero-kilometre products perhaps from some small local reality, a kit with tea or candies perhaps with particular taste, a precious bottle with a personalized label or chocolates with the company logo printed on it.
  2. To convey a plastic-free spirit, a particularly popular theme in recent times, you could donate a desk or a perpetual wooden calendar. In addition to being useful, these solutions can be customized, perhaps with the company logo or, if you want to personalize it, with the name of the individual collaborator.
  3. Talking about plastic-free line, we can suggest a bottle or a personalized thermos, perhaps with the name of the individual collaborator, to sensitize and provide a solution to reduce, the use of bottles of plastic in the office.
  4. A lamp of pink Himalayan salt, elements that have been enjoying great success in recent times, beautiful to look at but also rich in properties. Thanks to the negative ions emitted, they are useful to counter the electromagnetic pollution caused by computers, tablets and smartphones, purify the air, absorb humidity, help the respiratory system against colds and allergies and, finally, it seems to promote relaxation, reduce stress level and stimulate creativity.
  5. The world of chromotherapy can offer a wide range of gifts like a USB diffuser for essences suitable in office, inyour car or at home. They aye available in different types, changing colour, absorbing moisture and can contain essential oils.
  6. In case you want to give an experience, you could think about a voucher for a massage or a wellness centre, perfect to let your collaborators find the right balance and take care of those are working around you. After all, a relaxed person will be more productive then a stressed one.
  7. If you want to be sure, just opt for  technological gifts, USB and power banks that will be welcome and above all always useful. It will also be possible in this case to personalize them and transform them into real company gadgets.
  8. A personalized mug, to be kept in the office, also, in this case, to reduce the use of plastic. There are also models equipped with the relative spoon, therefore it could be an idea appreciated for those who will receive it, as well as useful.
  9. Nowadays also green gifts are much appreciated. There are associations that, in exchange of a donation, will plant or just take care of a tree, or supporting  farmers for their precious work. This choice could convey specific values ​​to your brand.
  10. An incentive trip for your entire team, perfect also as team building from which you can take advantage of it!

And you, which of these corporate Christmas gifts would you choose for your collaborators?