regali di natale aziendali nella pandemia covid-19 consigli

Corporate Christmas gifts: ideas for Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 will (unfortunately) remain in history as the first Christmas with the Covid-19 pandemic. We still don’t know exactly what will change, but here are some useful tips for companies …

In this surreal atmosphere, talking about corporate Christmas gifts seems to be difficult. Despite everything, Christmas is the most exciting period of the year. Certainly, the climate we are currently breathing leads us to consider the Christmas holidays as a secondary matter, in spite of the critical situation we are carrying on due to the health emergency in addition to the economic and social crisis.

2020: a different Christmas for everyone

We feel demoralized, broken. We struggle to be optimistic, confident, happy.

In short, let’s say that Christmas is finding an arid ground on which to grow this year …

However, we have to try to “stay human”, to find the light that Christmas brings.

Surely we must take this opportunity to thank our collaborators, our customers, all the people we love who have been close to us, perhaps just when we needed it most.

In this sense, Christmas has a different, deeper meaning this year.

Corporate Christmas gifts

This year, gifts will be a symbol of gratitude and no longer of enrichment!

Also because it will probably be the only way (in addition to virtual events) to say thank you as we will certainly not be able to meet for aperitifs hugging each other warmly, nor will we be able to organize corporate dinners in presence.

Corporate Christmas gifts, however, must have very specific characteristics that include:

• quality

• utility

• uniqueness

Quality: The object must be functional. A poor quality gadget could damage the image of the company towards employees or customers.

Utility: The gift must be an object that has real usefulness, otherwise it will become yet another ornament or gadget to be stored away.

Uniqueness: If the goal is to be original you need to focus on the uniqueness of the gift. This does not mean some extraordinary and expensive, but it personal, unique with a distinctive touch.

Some advice for your 2020 corporate Christmas gifts

The first tip is to personalize the gifts with original phrases or with the company logo.

But this is not the only one. So here are some ideas, from the simplest to the most original.

Surely gourmet gifts are an evergreen: Italian artisan panettone or chocolates for every taste, or meal boxes with recipes by starred chefs, Italian wine boxes for tasting itineraries that will also bring you closer to the history of the wine you have been savoring, or cocktail box to create your favorite aperitif from the comfort of your home.

A must will be the technological gifts, in the era of smart working all the accessories related to this area will certainly be welcome: table mobile phone holders with headphones and touch pens, nice customizable mouse mats, footrests, speakers, smartphone chargers are just some of the immense technological world to get lost in …

Certainly, the solidarity gifts will be much appreciated such as voluntary associations, oncology research, and so on.

Nature plays a crucial role in our life…so green gifts could not be missing: eco cubes with seeds to plant, wooden cutlery or kitchen plates, bamboo cups, water bottles, fertilizer bars, and why not? Adopt or give a plant to help parks in difficulty or simply to lend a hand to the planet.

Too many ideas?

We will certainly be able to give you the right suggestion…, for now, we just wish you a Merry Christmas!