Corporate Christmas gifts 2021

Corporate Christmas Gifts 2021: Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing help us to choose corporate Christmas gifts 

Corporate Christmas gifts for every style: from the great classics such as Christmas baskets with panettone and Sparkling wine to the most particular ideas such as hi-tech or design gadgets.

Every year, close to the Christmas date, there’s an important moment to take the decision about Corporate Christmas Gifts. What is the best choice for this year?

The question is always the same: how can you surprise your top clients and suppliers this year?

Never like this year, the idea of a Merry Christmas knock to the doors at every one of us.

After a year and half rich of uncertainty and restriction, spare a thought became a strong symbolic act to restart with Best New Year and a progressive return to normal routine.

Christmas 2021: New trends for your Corporate Gifts.

To discover the new trends for this year, you could do one more step, starting from the concept, studying and analyzing the client’s interests to generate emotions and memories for all the year

It is therefore worth, coming out-of-the-box once again, generating an idea, a path, or a memory that can be enclosed within a single object or inside a box, creating a direct, emotional, and engaging connection between suppliers and customers.

The era of experiential marketing imposes on us the goal of covering our bases, every aspect will have handeld with care, hit the emotional sphere of each of us. 

Surely it could be useful to start with storytelling, which includes both digital and direct communication, carefully studying the packaging, taking the colours or style of the company, matching a motivating greeting card, this is the starting point to generate ideas and inspiration during the next months. 

Experiential marketing is exactly this: not to focus on products but on the attention for your clients to generate experiences.

Until a few years ago, many companies bought dozens of bottles of wine or gadgets all strictly identical as presents to customers and suppliers, today this is unthinkable.

Because identical gifts distributed in series to all its customers is likely to be an own-goal precisely because it could denote a lack of knowledge (or worse a lack of consideration) towards the customer himself. Just think of the classic baskets full of food and wine. Would you ever give a basket with pasta and derivatives to a celiac friend? Of course not.

This is why it is important to show the same attention to customers and suppliers. Often a gift is just a small thought, but if it manages to break through it becomes a business tool that can even facilitate negotiations

The keywords are: amaze, customize.

The planning and design of your Christmas gifts are essential, do not be caught unprepared, start now. We at Gaya Events can help you with some original proposals, contact us now to find out.