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Christmas party, 8 things you didn’t think about

Would you like to impress your collaborators? Then pay attention to every aspect of your corporate Christmas party

Like every year, the much-loved Christmas season has come! And with it all the commitments and obligations, that everyone has to deal with or organize. From the parties of sporting clubs, the gym or the swimming pool, to school performances and family reunions. Last but not least, the corporate Christmas party dedicated to the exchange of greetings and the celebration of the new year.

Our attention will focus on the latter. The risk is that such an event could often get boring as a monotony succession of scenes already seen year after year. When comes the time of the corporate Christmas party, employees and collaborators used to be critical, so if you want to leave them speechless, it is essential to get out of the usual patterns.

It is time to say goodbye to the traditional panettone and pandoro cut and the toast in the meeting room. A wheel that has been repeating itself for decades, during which the participants count down the minutes before they can say goodbye to the company and return to their commitments.

The question arises: what to do in the company to celebrate Christmas?

Ideas for a successful Christmas corporate party

In this article we will try to give some ideas, or rather, we will focus attention on some general details that should not be overlooked if you want to organize a successful corporate event.

  1. Consider carefully whether you prefer a Christmas party in the office or away from it, also taking into account what your collaborators may prefer depending on any family commitments and distance from their home to the workplace. At the same time try to understand your target, firstly the age of the participants, suddenly try to get a rough idea of ​​what you could propose them.
  2. Establish a budget for the organization. If you do not want to invest in this business, avoid it entirely. The reason? Your collaborators will think it was done only out of duty and not for a genuine interest in the exchange of greetings.
  3. The decorations: there is no Christmas event where the welcome room destined to welcome it is without decorations. Christmas also fascinates for this aspect, and a party must convey warmth and tradition, therefore the tree is inevitable, but also typical objects that recall this anniversary.
  4. The music. That is what will be the soundtrack of the party, strictly on the subject. You could opt for a classic or modern playlist, but surely music should never be missing.
  5. If your budget allows, you could think to entertainers like Santa Claus, elves or Epiphany. In particular, if your collaborators’ families are involved, these elements must not be missing where there will also be children.
  6. Pay attention to the food, the catering and the buffet, and don’t forget that everything must be themed, with plates, cutlery and glasses that convey Christmas air. Therefore, make room white, red and gold if you want to be traditionalist, otherwise, the blue and silver combination will be more sophisticate.
  7. In case you want to do “big” things you could also think of an alternative Christmas party. An excursion, a trip, a themed evening with karaoke and cabaret, or recreate a village that also involves the children of your collaborators.
  8.  Last but not indispensable, little gadgets for each collaborator. From the classic panettone to a voucher, a Christmas star or a hi-tech accessory, or beneficial gifts for associations. The party cannot certainly end without a gift to be placed under the tree!

As highlighted details are essential for a corporate Christmas party therefore, if you want to have a successfull party better rely on staff experienced on this type of activity, who will give you the best suggestion taking charge of any task.