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Career Day UniUPO 2022: a special event for the Università del Piemonte Orientale

#matchfirst: digital breakthrough for Career Day UniUPO 2022. Here’s what Gaya Events organized.

Gaya Events and Università del Piemonte Orientale (UniUPO) together for a special event: Career Day 2022.

Career day is always an important and – in some way – exciting day for the university students who experience it.

What is Career Day for universities and students

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It is a recruiting event organized every year by the job placement office of the universities. What happen? Simple: the companies involved have the extraordinary opportunity to make themselves known by university students and young graduates through a more direct relationship.

Students, on the other hand, can get in touch with the working realities and receive guidance advice directly from experts in the sector.

For many students, Career Day represents the very first time they really have to face a job interview and it is an unmissable opportunity for companies that are always looking for young people and new talent to gain.

Università del Piemonte Orientale (UniUPO) and Gaya Events together for the Career Day. 

This year our team has been selected by the job placement office of the university to manage the entire logistics around the event. 

In accordance with the needs of the University, we have chosen our best suppliers for all the services requested, starting from the set-up, curated by Stefano Monguzzi of Mixer Eventi, to the catering entrusted to Paolo Botta of Prestige Service up to – naturally – to the coordination of the human resources present on site at the event.

The news of 2022

Not only! The real innovation of this year’s UNIUPO career day that prompted the University to externalize to an event agency was the desire to modernize and digitize the system for booking appointments between companies and students.

In fact, thanks to our app, about 350 students and 50 companies (about 100 people, 2 HR per company) first met online, where they were able to consult their respective profiles and make an appointment through a modern matching system, optimizing management of the time available. Let’s see how.

Digitization at the service of face-to-face events: the GAYA Events app for the UniUPO 2022 Career Day

The digital revolution that we used during the years of the Covid-19 pandemic and the innovations that we introduced into our working method led us to integrate the tried and tested technology between 2020 and 2021 at the service of face-to-face events.

When we say that our app is perfectly adaptable to every need of our customers, it is because we can really create a tailor-made system based on the type of event.

In this case, in fact, our app has been configured tailor made, also graphically, respecting the visual identity around the event.

 #matchfirst, that’s what it really means

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In particular, thanks to our partners at Digivents, we have created a bidirectional matching system for use by all users according to the type of use (students and companies), creating registration forms with customized fields based on the user’s admin.

Students and companies then entered their respective information – personal and professional, such as the curriculum in the case of students and documents and media (video presentations, photos, graphics, interactive company presentations) in the case of companies – and were able to consult the profiles, get to know each other and learn about each other’s interests online.

The system made it possible to cross the diaries of students and companies, both with the option of requesting an appointment for Career Day; the choice of accepting or not a request was also bidirectional, just as the possibility of having free interviews without an appointment has always been allowed, in ordet to maintain the possibility of being noticed even live.

At the end of the matching process, the system produced a personalized agenda for each company and for each student who – through the QRCode associated with their profile, registered at our desks at the entrance without queuing and easily reached the HR of the companies thanks to the plan on the app.

The convenience of the app is precisely this: on their phone or laptop – because the system is designed for dual use – all users were able to consult personal and general information about the event whenever it was useful in a single space virtual.

On the other hand, a help desk was always active on the app by our staff who personally responded to any doubts and difficulties on the part of users.

Digitization and privacy, modernity and efficiency thanks to the organizational secretariat of GAYA Events.

Our staff also took care of following the registration of the companies involved in the initiative step by step, supporting them in filling out the forms, in editing and uploading the contents and – above all – in managing privacy around the use of the brand.

We know how important the protection of personal data is: for this reason, all the forms that users have filled out have been drawn up according to the strictest data processing standards set by the GDPR. As well as the application which – in all its parts – has been designed to be compliant with the privacy of individuals and companies.

We have also involved our legal department to respond and modify the privacy policy according to the company acceptance models.

The panel of the companies was very various, we have dealt with every type of company, from the local reality to the Italian offices of large multinationals and we have adapted for them – after a careful review by our lawyers – all the documentation.

career day 2022 uniupo

The day of the event was a real satisfaction for us; in fact, despite our many years of experience in events, it was a real pleasure to help young people entering the world of work. 

Thanks to the Università del Piemonte Orientale which has placed its trust in us, allowing us to participate in this beautiful initiative! 

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