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Beeing: The Gayaevents’ gift sweet & sustainable

Supporting responsible beekeeping and protecting bees, is essential for the life on Earth …This is Beeing. To explain what exactly  is Beeing, We need a quick step back. 

Inside the hive, every bee havea specific task, in fact  there is a clear division of labor and a precise assignment of the different roles in order to maintain the well-being of the whole hive.

The precision and thoroughness of their work are the most important elements for the achievement of important goals. Every single work performed by the worker-bee represent an important element for the growth of one’s hive.

As in the world of bees as well in everyday life, communication is fundamental, infact the  bees communicate with each other through chemical signals, sign language and special dances, contributing not only to their own growth but also to the preservation of our planet.

Just like the worker-bees, the work of the event manager represents a hive full of details, where each of us have a fundamental role in order to achieve amazing goals.

Bee the change – Support responsible beekeeping

For Christmas 2021, we therefore decided to give you a unique experience, supporting a start-up with a project that was sustainable for both the environment and the people.

Beeing teaches people how works the world of bees, how to protect them, offering different packages and experiences, from the adoption of an apiary, supporting an Italian beekeeper to the possibility of having a hive for urban beekeeping.

Beekeepers participating at the program are selected with strict accountability and ethics criteria. These are certified organic beekeepers or beekeepers who follow organic beekeeping standards.

Bio and ethic beekeeping is inspired by sustainable and environmentally friendly principles, promoting km0 products to reduce emissions.

Bees are essential for our own life on Earth for several reasons, for example the pollination of bees increases the yield of crops and improving their quality, they contribute to the growth of ecosystems related to water such as mountains and forests, they are useful in monitoring air quality especially in areas urban, as pollination of urban flora can support better local air quality.

Beeing: a box for 365 days

We have always a particular attention to environmental issues and the realization of our events following ethical, sustainable, and responsible criteria as much as possible, for this reason, we have sought a project that would represent us.

The beekeeper Clarissa Bitossi is the protagonist of our Christmas project, we supported her company located in the province of Pisa, giving our customers a Christmas box containing a real immersive journey into the world of bees, from the possibility to visit Clarissa’s apiary during the spring to discover how fascinating and complex the work of beekeepers is, at the Box with delivery directly to the home containing both the Honey and the bee-friendly seeds, which allow all of us to help the bees with a small gesture, sowing plants and flowers in the garden or on the balcony of the house.

Starting 2022 with Beeing means doing it with a positive impact on the environment and this has given us an unexpected sweet boost! And what are you waiting for to support a beekeeper?