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App for organizing events and face-to-face meetings: the Candioli case

What if you could manage onsite meetings remotely thanks to an event organization app? After months of video calls, the desire to meet colleagues and the company team is impressive. Chatting live, working (almost) side by side, and sharing moments of socialization, even if paying attention, are essential elements in team building.

How to do it safely? Indeed, how to exploit the situation to innovate your events?

App for event organization, the Candioli case

Gaya Events took the challenge with its app for organizing events, a simple and practical tool to enrich the guest experience and optimize anti-Covid practices.

Candioli Pharma, a benchmark company in the veterinary sector, understands the potential of new technologies and, eager to reunite its team after so many months away, entrusted Gaya Events with the organization of the first Convention in presence in the Covid era.

In the breathtaking scenery of Peastum, between the crystalline sea and the ancient ruins of the Temples, the company organized three days of meetings and relaxation.

During the event, the participants worked together, enjoyed free time on the hotel beach, and visited the fascinating archeological site of Paestum.

The 9 main benefits of the Gaya Events app for events

Before and during the event (and also after), the participants enjoyed the support of the event app. It’s a practical and fast tool to access the event information at any time, directly from the smartphone.

So let’s find out what are the 9 main advantages of the Gaya Events application for events.

1. Registration online: The registration form (from PC or smartphone) allowed us to speed up data collection practices and privacy consents.

2. Get your travel documents in one click: the Gaya app has a private area where you can find your travel documents. Having your tickets always at hand, without having to search for them among the emails and print them, speeds up checks at departure stations/ airports, and – all – contactless following anti – Covid procedures.

3. Contacting the hostess is quick and easy. The help desk function allowed guests to get in touch directly with the staff via the app’s internal messaging service without searching for the emergency mobile number in the old communications. From the train or their room, the hostesses were within reach of smartphones.

4. Likewise, contacting guests has never been easier. The company decided to call the entire team for the corporate photo the following morning, sending a simple push message via the app during dinner, reaching the whole group simultaneously.

5. Share experiences and create the narrative of the event. Through the functionality of the Social wall, participants were able to post images and exchange comments and jokes on the event in real-time in a reserved and shared space among those present.

6. Express their opinion remotely: participants could fulfill the questionnaire via the app during the trip or the following days of the Convention without delivering it quickly before departure.

7. Invest in sustainability and promote green events. Downloading all the information on the app allowed us not to print diaries, brochures, day-by-day programs…with good savings for the customer and the planet! In addition, we can update all documents in real-time!

8. Promote good practices against the spread of Covid. The app Gaya Events for event organization is a practical tool to eliminate paper material (welcome letters, agendas…). In addition, it avoids gatherings at the desk to read the materials hanging on the bulletin board. It is possible to upload information to the app, self-certifications on the health status, and all documentation relating to Covid practices.

9. Last but not least, the Gaya Events app for organizing events is simple to download and use! Even the less expert can use it without stress, making the most of the travel and event experience.

Candioli Pharma invested in innovation for its event and was satisfied, as were its guests.

Do you want to renovate and optimize the organization of your next event?

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