4 ideas to make your event perfect

Who said the perfect event does not exist? Each event, whether it is a meeting, a convention or any other corporate event must be something unique. Something that participants will remember with pleasure, and most important, the tool to achieve the objectives that a company had set itself. organizing it.

How to make your event unique, unforgettable (in a word, perfect)? There are at least 4 ideas – or rather fundamental aspects – to always keep in mind, and they are:

  • The purpose of the event
  • The participants in the event
  • The choice of location
  • Definition of the budget

Listed in this way may seem obvious, but as we will see in this article, accurately addressing each of these aspects makes the difference between a successful event and … everything else.

Let’s see them in detail.

What is the purpose of the event

What is the purpose you intend to achieve through this meeting?

  • Launch a new product/service
  • Team building
  • Reassure stakeholders
  • Explore fresh business opportunities with new potential customers

What changes? All.

Once you decide to rely to a professional the organization of your event, the first thing you need to clarify is what the precise purpose of the event is. Only after you could talk about dates, places or technical details so that he professional will be able to show you the best way to reach the goal.

Nobody organizes an event “just to do”. And those who think to do it, should be immediately dissuaded both for the amount of work they will face to and because a generic event without a specific purpose does not bring any benefit to the company.

Who will take part to the event

Defining the purpose is also useful to identify the target or the ideal audience that will take part in the corporate event. It is essential to know who are the participants and speakers, in order to “build” a perfect event, from the day’s schedule to the seemingly insignificant details.

Restricted events by invitation only are profoundly different from “mass events” in which participation is open to all. Most corporate events are by invitation, but nothing prevents a company – especially those operating in the B2C world – from deciding to organize an event open to the public to increase its visibility and improve its brand awareness towards its ideal target…

How to choose the perfect location for your event

If the first aspects to be taken into consideration are objectives and participants, immediately afterwards is the location. Guests have expectations when they show up at your event, and you have to respect them. To do this, the location of the event undoubtedly makes a difference.

Needless to turn around too much: the first impression matters, and how. And each guest makes a first impression even before entering the room, arriving at the corporate event venue.

The locations for events are many, there are locations for meetings, locations for large conferences, locations for weddings or locations for gala events of all kinds.

There is no better place than others, there are more or less suitable locations based on the event to be planned. Luxury hotels, warehouses, conference centres, castles or farmhouses…. It is not a coincidence that the choice of location for your corporate event comes immediately after the definition of objectives and participants because it is precisely these first two aspects that determine the choice of the ideal place.

Some companies turn to agencies specialized in organizing events or event planners an already established idea of location. Even considering some special corporate needs, this condition might represent a limit. Yes, because, the planning phase is essential to organize a perfect corporate event! is The best idea is always to evaluate multiple locations, duly suggested by who is daily involved in organizing events and carefully testing all the solutions before choosing the right location.

Site inspection on each spot together with an event organizer is essential and can be decisive for your success. The competence and experience of a professional can be precious in the choice of location for:

  • View the spaces available
  • Assess their general state
  • Make the first contact with the staff
  • Understand how environments can be better organized

The budget for the corporate event

We come to the fourth and last “secret” to organize the perfect event: the budget availability. The mistake that many event professionals commit is to propose “dreaming options” that make a company “fall in love” with the event but which are absolutely out of budget.

From the simple stand for a fair to the castle or the luxury hotel to host a strategic event, everything has a price. And before “drawing” the first planning draft, it is important to have a realistic estimate of the resources available.

Before even consulting event organizers and any professional or agency specializing in the organization of meetings, conferences and other corporate events, you must be the one to allocate a maximum budget. It is not just a matter of establishing the “limit” not to be overcome but of understanding how to best organize the resources: how much to spend on the location, how much for the buffet, how much for the gadgets and so on.

When the event has a very specific purpose (and we return to point one) we do not intend the funds you use as an expense but as an investment. And nobody wants to make a poor investment. That’s because you have to evaluate the various items, considering that it might always be unexpected extras (special equipment, additional coffee breaks etc.). Many variables can increase the cost of an event, so try to define a general budget as the perimeter within moving is essential.

A valid professional in organizing corporate events is the one who knows how to make the most of the available budget by distributing resources to maximize the results.

For this reason, the role of a professional in organizing conferences and other corporate events is essential to avoid the occurrence of unexpected expenses that could increase the final investment by exceeding the budget initially allocated.


There are many other aspects you have to consider to organize your perfect event: from the promotion to gadgets and additional services such as photos and videos.

But the above mentioned 4  points are undoubtedly the most important basic elements that every company, beyond the size and the commodity sector, must consider making its corporate event unique and unforgettable.

They are the fundamental “commandments” for any corporate initiative and the basis over which building up the success of the event itself.