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Career Day UniUPO 2022: a special event for the Università del Piemonte Orientale

#matchfirst: digital breakthrough for Career Day UniUPO 2022. Here’s what Gaya Events organized.

Gaya Events and Università del Piemonte Orientale (UniUPO) together for a special event: Career Day 2022.

Career day is always an important and – in some way – exciting day for the university students who experience it.

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festa aziendale di natale 2022 idee e suggerimenti

Think Outside the Box: get creative for your corporate Christmas!

The corporate Christmas party is an event that everyone is certainly looking forward to this year! 

In fact, after years of parties that were missed or made on Zoom due to concerns about everyone’s health, Christmas 2022 is looking brighter and the desire to be back in attendance to celebrate together is growing.  

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eventi ibridi ed edutainment il caso thea Pharma gaya events

Hybrid Events and Edutainment: the winning ingredients of the Thea Pharma event

In this article we will analyze the specific case of a hybrid event that we at Gaya Events have organized for the Théa Pharma Group. Not only hybrid, to be honest, because it is a particular meeting that has been able to combine education and entertainment.

But let’s proceed in order…

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eventi imprese svizzere in italia

From Switzerland to Italy: why you should choose our Bel Paese for a corporate event

The trip from Switzerland to Italy is short, especially for those who live and work in Lombardy. The Swiss are not only our neighbors but they are among the people who love our country the most!

Often mentioned for holidays, for its excellent cuisine and for the friendliness and warmth of the people, Italy is a destination that has a lot to offer also for corporate events. And it is no coincidence that more and more Swiss companies decide to organize their events in our beautiful country.

In fact, Italy has always stood out as a top quality destination for award travel, incentive events that include food and wine experiences, trips and cultural tours in the many cities of art that our peninsula boasts around the world.

strongpoint italy eventi per aziende svizzere

Not to mention the economic advantage! Especially in certain periods of the year, Italy offers great  facilities and services at unmissable prices, you just need to know how to look for taking the right opportunities.

This is why it is important to rely on those who plan events in Italy, especially with those who have already experience in organizing meetings in our peninsula from abroad.

We at GAYA Events for the organization of business meetings from abroad in Italy

In the events industry since 2004, we at GAYA Events, in addition to organizing events, also configure ourselves as a DMC agency, travel agency and tour operator.

This is why we are used to work with partners abroad and why we can guarantee advantageous conditions to our foreign customers. 

We have been able, over time, to build strong relationships with our suppliers who reserve for us treatments of favor and guarantees of excellence in services. 

eventi imprese svizzere in italia

Thanks to our experience we know exactly what a company needs when it arrives in Italy.

This is why we are able to perform every single service to the highest standards.

The success of an event comes from the sum of its many individual parts.

We at Gaya Events can take care of everything Swiss companies need to organize a successful event in Italy such as:

  • hotel / historic location reservations;
  • transport by bus or private car equipped with every comfort;
  • hotel / historic location meeting;
  • rental of technical equipment;
  • guided tours by coach;
  • provide a local guide service;
  • restaurants with typical regional and Italian cuisine or renowned gourmet restaurants serving Italian and international cuisine;
  • book in restaurants for gala dinners;
  • organize dinners with shows and entertainment.

A corporate event is an extraordinary communication opportunity for Swiss companies.

If you are thinking of organizing your corporate event in Italy, rely only on professional partners in the sector.


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MEM certification, what it is and why it is important to have it for a Meeting and Event Manager

Let’s start immediately from the meaning of the acronym MEM, or Meeting and Event Manager. But before getting into the heart of the article, here is an essential premise.

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meeting aziendale

Business meeting, the best locations in Italy, from north to south

There are many perfect destinations for a corporate meeting in our beautiful country. Let’s find out which ones are the best in 2022

We at GAYA Events know it well: organizing a successful business meeting means creating an event that combines business and communication needs, making the initiative the best opportunity to promote the brand.

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torino città degli eventi 2022

Turin, city of events 2022: GAYA selects 3 locations for MICE events

Great events in Piedmont’s capital city: why Turin is city of events 2022

It’s definitely a golden moment  for Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region since the beginning of this crackling 2022, and it’s getting so much buzz that we can crown it as the capital of events for this season.

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meeting industry

The trends of 2022 for the meeting Industry

What are the 2022 trends for the meeting industry? Let’s start by saying, after a setback of almost two years, the events sector has started this season with a calendar full of matches. The MICE sector is finally back in attendance, without forgetting the digital element that in recent years has been essential to ensure the conduct of meetings and events that could not be held live.

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green pass ed eventi regole da 1 aprile 2022

Green Pass and events, The Rules From 1st April 2022

 The new rules in force from March 31st, what will change for  the meeting industry and the green pass use. Stop of limitations.

The 2022 calendar of events is rich in meetings and conventions.

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post covid events

Post-Covid events: the importance of medium-long term planning

The management of post-Covid events is essential for the definitive recovery of the meeting industry. How and why programming can make a difference

The management of post-Covid events is essential for the definitive recovery of the meeting industry. How and why programming can make a difference

After two years of suffering, the travel and congress sector see 2022 as a new beginning. The normalization of the epidemiologic situation and the slackening of the regulation relating to the containment of Covid are notes of hope for the MICE sector.

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